• How will I inform you of my food allergens such as eggs, dairy and nuts?
  • There is a “special instructions” column where you can tell us about your food allergens, when you order online. Please provide us with as much information as you can.

  • Can I customise my order?
  • We try our best to provide what our customers’ need. Contact us for a discussion. Simple requests such as “Less Spicy”, etc. can be input under the special instructions column.

  • Can I order beverages?
  • Definitely, all our beverages are 100% homemade and conveniently bottled. Please have a look at our refreshing range of beverages in our menu.

  • How are the meals packaged?
  • All our dishes are conveniently packed to allow for storing and re-heating. It is the most convenient takeaway you will ever experience.

  • How long will the food keep in my refrigerator?
  • The food will keep well for at least two - three days from delivery if it is refrigerated soonest without leaving it out for too long.

  • How do I re-heat the food? Can I use a microwave?
  • We provide reheating instructions on our food labels with each dish. You may reheat the food in the container that it comes with in the microwave or the conventional oven, whichever suits you.

  • Can I freeze the meals?
  • Yesyou may freeze our meals. Simply follow the instructions provided on our food labels and enjoy the meal anytime.


  • I do not trust the Internet and I would rather place the order over the phone with you, can I?
  • Off course! Our service is both online and over the phone. We have a call centre team ensuring your transactions are always safe and secure. Call us today at 1300 003 113.
    We may also give you a call from time to time to verify your details – just as an extra security.

  • Can I pre-order my food for a specific time?
  • Sure! Just remember, the minimum delivery time for any restaurant is 45 mins after you place your order. You can pick your delivery time, any time after this.
    If you don’t select a time, the order will be delivered as soon as possible.

  • What is the cut off time for ordering?
  • Our system will automatically close and disallow ordering when we stop taking orders. We usually stop taking orders 1 hour before our closing hours. However, pick-ups and takeaway may still be available. Call us on 1300 003 113.

  • How do I place my orders?
  • Our website is fully responsive across all devices, on any platform or browser. Other than that you can always call us for your orders on 1300 003 113.


  • Where do you deliver to?
  • We deliver to the surrounding suburbs of our restaurant in Merriwa currently. Give us a call (1300 003 113) if you are unsure and we would be glad to help.

  • Can I pick up my order?
  • Yes! Simply pop in to order your food and wait for it to be freshly prepared. Tentatively, call us (1300 003 113), place your order and arrange a time with us to pick up your order.
    Restaurant * Takeaway * Delivery, Have it your way!

  • What time will my delivery arrive?
  • We endeavour to deliver all our orders soonest possible but the minimum delivery time is 45 minutes from the time the order gets to us.

  • Is there a delivery charge?
  • There is a delivery charge of $5 if your order does not meet the minimum order of $40. This is just to cover operational charges.